About Cheshire Cat

I am a married, “stay at home mom” of a very active little boy who is one year old. I say “SAHM” because we don’t stay at home, we love to go out whether it’s to the park or an event, anything really.


We also have a cat who is over 10 years old and loves to play with his little boy.  He is mostly an indoor cat, only allowed outside under strict supervision.

When I moved to the south about a year ago I started this blog to share tips and giveaways I found; and it has grown to include reviews, tips from my own life, my own giveaways, and more!  I’m amazed at how fast The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass has steadily grown and is reaching hundred’s of new readers each month. This blog was originally called Through the Looking Glass from the Cheshire’s Perspective.

I do try to keep my family anonymous, so you will not see facial shots on here of anyone other than my cat. I refer to my son frequently as the little one, though he won’t be little for long. It’s amazing how much being a mom changes you!

For why I chose Cheshire Cat click here!

If you have any questions let me know!

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