Why is public/private school so expensive?

I’m not talking about the price you pay to enroll. I keep seeing all these lists kids need now to go back to school and I’m baffled.  It seems they bring everything but the kitchen sink. I’m not surprised they say homeschooling is growing, it’s cheaper and your child gets to learn at there own pace with a much better teacher to student ratio.

I understand notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, crayons/colored pencils/markers.  But I’m noticing that schools demand specific brands of things like scissors.  I was looking at a kindergarten list and it said 8 Broad Tip Markers – why 8 on the first day? Who gives the average kindergartner markers?  Also since when have we had to provide our own box of tissues?

For 6th Grade a child needs 1 white and 1 pink eraser.  Why does the color matter?

In 10th Grade they need a pocket dictionary and thesaurus.  Don’t they go to the library for those let alone each class I was in had a dictionary when I went.  They also need an agenda book/student planner which my school provided when I went.  Possibly most baffling is a stapler and staple remover. Not only do these count as weapons in some schools but why are they removing staples from anything other than paper?

Fast Forward to High School and you need to bring 3 Red Pens.  Last I knew other than maybe 1 for art classes, teachers were the only ones allowed to use red.

This does not even include the clothes that parents have to get, including gym clothes and (depending on the school) swimming.

Check out your school’s demands

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